for PJ Aldred DipFm, Events & Marketing Consultant

The following reflects the major part PJ has played within current and past major projects, partnerships and employment.

Frances Chambers, Ranger Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

PJ has worked on Springwatch for the last four years and she continually surprises me with her innovative approach to this annual event, PJ is excellent at dealing with unforeseen problems and is an excellent decision maker. PJ always puts in the 110% and keeps her sense of humour in any situation. It has been and will be a pleasure to work with PJ.

Paul Pearce, Chief Superintendent, Sussex Police

I am the City Police Commander and I am writing to you to express my thanks for the co-operation we received in planning the policing response to Pride 2007. Working closely with organisers is the only way that public safety events such as Pride can be planned effectively to ensure that there is a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who attends.In particular I would like to single out PJ Aldred, who once again worked closely with my planning staff. She was always available to provide information and assistance, and it is clear that she was focused on ensuring that the things that could go wrong did not. PJ has a clear understanding of the public safety responsibilities that event organisers have and the priority that must be given to these. She has a 'can do' attitude and my staff really appreciate the assistance she was able to give.
The event has grown in size and this year was the largest ever. We look forward to an equally successful Pride in 2008.

Ian Taylor, Events Manager, Brighton and Hove City Council

Just a couple of lines to congratulate you and your team on staging a fantastic Pride this year. The general consensus from both the press and general public was that it was " the best Pride ever "

It is heartening that you were able to produce the event that you did whilst not compromising on all the " boring " bits of Health, Safety and Welfare. I thought that the Event Safety Management Team worked very well together on the day and had a real team feel to it - probably borne of the fact that you have kept the same nucleus of people together and everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing from the outset.

I know that you personally must have put in hundreds (thousands?) of hours of work from attending planning meetings, table-tops, debriefs through to operational management on the week of the event. Thanks for being cheery throughout and always seeing the bigger picture.

Gill Buchanan, Chairman Horsham Town Centre Forum and Christmas Committee

PJ worked closely with me on key events in the town centre from 1994 until 2001. Her commitment, drive, enthusiasm and sense of humour were key assets to Horsham and working with her was always a pleasure.

Our significant achievements included seven Christmas Lights Switch-on events attracting up to 10,000 visitors to the town centre and including fireworks set to music, the launch of Sunday trading in the town underpinned by a Sunday market in Carfax which ran for a number of years and the inception & launch of Your Horsham magazine – something still going strong in 2007.

None of these projects would have been successful without PJ’s input and her presence in Horsham is still missed today.